Ares Galaxy, also known as Ares Music,Is the world’s most popular music download program. Ares is completely free to use and you should never pay for it. With Ares, you can also download movies, games, software and more, all without ever having to pay for a membership or pay per download fees. Withe Ares, music, movies, and games are at the tip of your fingers, and never will you have to pay a fee for music downloads, movie downloads, software downloads, game downloads or any other file you choose to download.


Ares Galaxy Features

Ares Galaxy Features Check out some of the features of Ares Galaxy before you download it. Fast and Reliable Downloads Ares Galaxy automatically finds more sources and downloads files from many users at once. Ares uses the Bittorrent core to swarm ……


What is Ares Galaxy?

Ares Galaxy is a p2p Bittorrent client and allows users to share any type of digital file using torrents and it’s own network. Ares is open source and anyone may look at the source code to make sure nothing malicious is hidden in the code. That’s the cool thing about it……


How to Install?

Step 1: Install Ares Galaxy by clicking HERE and download the Ares executable file named “ares.exe”. This file will probably download to your “Downloads” folder by default. Step 2: Once you have installer,…..



  • Unlimited Free Movies
  • Unlimited Free Music
  • Unlimited Free Software
  • Unlimited Free Games
  • Unlimited Free Books
  • Unlimited Free PDF Files

And so much more…

Ares music program is a free software program that is open source. That means anyone can view the source codes to make sure there is nothing malicious in the code. There are lots of fake ARES download sites out there that will charge you a fee and then give you the software, which is free. BEWARE of these scammers as ARES is free, always has been, always will be.