about us

Ares is a peer to peer fire sharing software program allowing you to download any file type found on various popular P2P networks. It allows an individual to share the content to millions of people from the system free of cost. The free software program is an open source. Anyone can explore the source code to ensure there is nothing malicious in the code. Our software program is free so you need to beware of the scammers because we are always free and will always be.

We offer:

Quick downloads

Ares Galaxy is one of the best P2P File Sharing Software Programs that finds multiple sources and download files from multiple users at once with the help of Bittorrent core to swarm download and seed files.

Search Files

Ares Galaxy search engine has the ability to give you what exactly do you want that to in the least possible time span. Like you go for Google search for the best hotel, the built in function Ares Galaxy search engine, you can stop searching torrent site for your preferred files. You simply have to type the name of the file and you will get the results.

Protected by Firewalls

Ares Galaxy has firewall protection and therefore has zero configurations. Having the capability of working with restricted networks, data sharing is enabled between two peers behind a firewall.

Live streaming at its best

Ares Galaxy has gradually evolved as one of the most popular Bittorrent file sharing client over the World Wide Web and the latest versions already have amazing features you are going to love. Ares is one of the fastest P2P File Sharing Software Programs that are being downloaded from the Internet nowadays.