What is Ares Galaxy

What is Ares Galaxy?

Ares Galaxy is a p2p Bittorrent client and allows users to share any type of digital file using torrents and it’s own network.

Ares is open source and anyone may look at the source code to make sure nothing malicious is hidden in the code. That’s the cool thing about it…. You can add to the Ares source code, remove from it, change it anyway you want. You may even charge for Ares if you want.

Open source allows Ares Galaxy to have unpaid volunteer programmers from all over the world. These programmers work together on Ares to make it one of the best p2p file sharing software programs out there today. Unlike older p2p programs like NapsterKazaaBearshare, etc., Ares IS open source and decentralized. This makes it impossible to shut down over any type of DMCA lawsuit.

Ares uses Bittorrent which means the only way to shut it down would be to shut down the entire internet. That won’t happen unless there is a worldwide EMP attack, earth destroying meteor, or a global flood. Consider Ares a stable p2p app that is here to stay until the internet dies. Check it out and see why it’s considered one of the top p2p file sharing programs.

Ares Galaxy is 100% FREE! If you’ve paid for it, you’ve been ripped off and should do a chargeback.